562 Finley and Cyril


562 This goop, made from school glue and liquid starch by our students, is one of our favorite toys at the Little Green School House. We spent many happy hours squishing it between our fingers or pushing objects into it. It provides a perfect opportunity to talk about the news of the day—such important topics as what we saw on the way to school, what superheroes we want to be, or what animals we would like to be. Two friends chose it as their favorite toy at school. Finley, age 5: “I like squishing it. It’s stuck to me! I’m too stuck! Sometimes I like playing it by myself. I sometimes play with it with friends that are a little shy like Abigaëlle.” Cyril, age 4: “I like to squish it. I like to play with it and tear it. I like doing what Finley’s doing, too. And that’s all.”