561 Won Kyoung Lee


My husband, Matthew Alden Price, and I met at a grad school, Cranbrook Academy of the Art in Michigan, and moved to Philly in 2007. Right before we moved to Philadelphia, we had a chance to talk about our future in a café and Matt drew this bulb on a post-it. I don’t exactly remember the details of our conversation but it was something about we can make the bright future “together.” Matt is a very talented person, but, honestly, not in drawing (HONEY, I LOVE YOU!), so I was very touched by seeing his sincere eyes with this drawing. The year of 2007, on Christmas day, Matt gave me a watch with my initials on it. It was a nice surprise because I knew he was very poor. I’ve kept this post-it drawing and my watch since then.  Time flies and I cannot believe it has been already ten years. I believe we’ve made a bright future “together,” and there is more to come!