556 Seong Chan Park


When I was attending the symposium as an interpreter at UArts one day on March 2008, I got a two missed calls from an international phone number. I was very nervous just in case I missed an emergency situation from my family in Korea. I was holding my cell phone and hoped to answer the phone call again and, luckily, I was able to answer the phone during the lunch break. Amazingly, it was from my grandfather from Korea. He never had called me before and he said that he was just thinking of me and wondering how I am doing. It was 2 AM in Korea. I had to hurry back to the symposium after a short lunch break, but I couldn’t stop crying because that was really touching. A couple days later I found out he sent me $2,000 as a pocket money. And that summer, I had another phone call from my family, saying that he collapsed with a sudden stroke. My grandfather used to give me pocket money in this yellow envelope. I was very lucky to have you. I miss you and I Love you so much!

Rest In Peace to my awesome Grandad, Seong Chan Park.