553 Hee Sang Park


Every 3 AM, I woke up and had no idea why everybody was still asleep. I actually didn’t know what time it was (I didn’t know how to read the clock) but I was very confused that when I was fully awake everybody was still in a bed. My mom told me that it is called jet lag, and she explained to me that we were on the opposite side of the Earth. My Philly aunt and uncle have one huge dog and two cats so whenever I got up in the middle of the night they were my best friends. I learned how to bowl at North Bowling for the first time in my life from my awesome Philly uncle.  The Please Touch Museum and Dave & Buster’s games was a dream come true. Too bad that I fell asleep right after a dinner that I missed to go back to the arcade, but that was a best vacation ever with my Philly family. I will be back!