546 M. Price


In 2007 I graduated from art school. I applied for jobs around the U.S. After several months of not receiving any opportunities, I was invited to be in an art show in Philadelphia. My work was large and shipping proved to be more expensive than delivering it from Michigan where I was living. That $20 difference was a big deal back then. I came with several friends for the weekend. I remember being at Café Ole in Old City when a friend whom I’d known many years earlier from another state rode by on her bike. I was shocked. Over the course of three days I came to realize many other friends from other places had gathered here.  On a whim, two weeks later, I decided to move to the city. I eventually found a job managing an art store. Other jobs took me abroad but I always came back and eventually bought a house. I know own and manage and online business. The affordable spaces, thriving creative community, easy access to east coast cities and abroad make this the best place I could ever imagine for starting something great!