540 Ann Dinh


I have a habit with always fiddling with my hands, so whenever I have scrap paper I make origami, usually a crane like the one in this box. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and it has always been a good icebreaker—giving them out to people—especially since I am initially a shy person. The crane also reminds me of my childhood, my old childhood bedroom use to have cranes hanging from the ceiling and I would stare at them night before bed. So I guess whenever I make a crane it is a little moment of child-like wonder and peace. There’s a Japanese legend that if you make a thousand cranes, you’ll be granted a wish, I have started and restarted this thousand crane count multiple times throughout childhood and adulthood. I might have made a thousand cranes in my lifetime but I don’t have an exact count, and it is kinda nice not knowing.