537 S Kabagoto


I am an Artist! I travel almost every day to Philadelphia for school. I attend Moore College of Art and Design. It is here in Philly that I’ve been submerged in art and culture. I choose to fill my space with colorful pom-pom balls. They are my favorite! They are cute, soft, fuzzy, and come in all different sizes. They remind me of the joys of childhood. I often use these pom-pom balls in my artwork. So much my boyfriend bought me almost a thousand of pom-pom balls for my birthday. By far one of the best gifts. Philly is a land of opportunity! I have been gifted the amazing opportunity to network with other artists and become a part of the art community. I was fortunate enough to even be a part of this project. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Matt and Won to help build this project. Working on sanding and building the wooden panels that construct the whole of my Philadelphia story is still unreal. Having the opportunity to learn from other established Philadelphia artist gives me hope of having a career in art.