529 Jae Wook Shim


I googled and printed out this cursive font around the time when I started working at my current job. One of my then co-workers, Katherine, used to give me notes and memos written in cursives. I hadn’t practiced reading or writing cursives before and it was and still is difficult for me to even decipher something written in them. When I write in cursives, my writing looks very forced and strange. But Katherine’s writing just flowed out of her hand naturally and easily. To me, that flowing easiness shown in her cursives that sit so comfortably on paper kind of show how she was as a person. Katherine had this easy and gentle way of making people comfortable around her and bringing out conversation from them—letting me talk about Joseph Beuys’s rocks and Fiona Tan’s shelves—and she also has interests to know what I’m talking about and tastes for responses. Anyway, my thought was that if I had the cursives printed and attached to my monitor in front of me, I would look at it everyday and practice it once in a while and someday get used to writing in them. Katherine moved out of state last year and sent me a card written in her cursives. My cursives didn’t improve much.