517 TUNDE, ANNA, and a HORSE


Tunde, the equestrian fanatic, got bitten by horse at age 9 (true but different story).

Now 16, and after watching the film War Horse, desired to see more adult movies with horses. I proposed Seabiscuit, Black Stallion, The Horse Whisperer, and Tunde replied: been there / done that.

I flexed my film archive muscle and suggested Equus, Lawrence of Arabia, and Anna Karenina. To my briefing for dummies Tunde replied that story of Equus was just plain freaky, in Lawrence horses-to-camels is equivalent of apples-to-oranges, and on Anna jury was still out.

I had to recall a scene from the film just like in the novel—Anna had an emotional breakdown after her office/lover falls off the horse. The horse had to be put down followed by a social embarrassment scene.

After short contemplation, Tunde streamlined that after not reading the book or seeing the movie she deeply believed that all the readers and even Lev Tolstoy highly overrated Anna’s love for the officer and very strongly underestimated her love for the horse.

Photo by Tunde Zeitlin

Story by Grisha Zeitlin