515 Shaw Family (by Julia Shaw)


This is an amber teething-necklace worn by my babies. This necklace was worn by my kids as babies when they were cutting their first teeth. Amber is supposed to have healing properties associated with making the teething process more comfortable. I am not sure if it worked but all three of my kids wore this as babies.  While on maternity leave each of my kids we lived on (and still do) 22nd and Fitzwater, and I spent a lot of my time with my children wandering the neighborhood.  This is the neighborhood where our kids made their first friends, where we were part of starting the first parents groups that evolved but are still going eight years later, where neighbors pushing strollers turned into neighbors advocating for their local schools, parks, rec centers and other public spaces, where my neighbors drop off leftovers from Passover dinner and I bring them extra kimchi when I bought too much, where we have an annual block party that includes a bouncy house, DJ blasting old school and new school hip hop and a baby pool crammed with too many kids, where snow days mean a slow cooker full of chili and an open house to anyone willing to troop over.  This neighborhood has been an amazing home and community for my family.