507 Jino Lee


I began photographing in Rittenhouse Square park in spring of 2013, simply because I wanted to try out a “new” old film camera I had just gotten, and I happened to be working at a near-by store at the time. Even though it was already a familiar place to me, the more I went there to photograph, the more I fell in love with it. Granted, it was just starting to get warm from a long winter and everything was inevitably beautiful, but there was more than it being a cool green space in the middle of a busy city. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square truly is an open space for Philadelphians and visitors of all kinds. Because of its diversity, it is difficult to give a specific label to what it’s like to be in the park. The energy surrounding the space is ever-changing and observing people’s interaction within this space is almost addicting. Taking pictures of people on streets is one thing, but this park provides a unique frame for the people whom are in it, giving another meaning to the subjects being photographed. Three years have gone by, I am still obsessed with this park. I have not figured out what it is about this place that makes me keep coming back. It is not because it’s a conventionally pretty public space, but it surely is a charming place where all kinds of beauty intermingle.

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