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Before cell phones, even before phone cards Israeli citizens used asimonim, or phone coins for the ubiquitous public phones. I got this one from a dear family friend who moved to Jerusalem from New York in 1951 and  remained there until her death in 2010. Dossi, (nee Dorothy), who never married, always said she was married to the State of Israel.  My mom was like a daughter to her and in fact she was responsible for my parents meeting each other.  This  asimon was issued in 1965 and has a gazelle in motion, the year of issue and the word Telephone in Hebrew and Arabic on one side.  The other side bears a phone dial with the words ‘Israel Postal Service’ in Hebrew. Falling into disuse and eventual obsolescence in the 1990s the phone coins became collectors’ items for DIY jewelry—necklaces, earrings and cuff links to name a few. A replica of the Liberty Bell is prominent in Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem and even though New York is Jerusalem’s Sister City, Liberty Bell Park is a popular gathering place for picnics and entertainment for all of Jerusalem’s citizens.