496 Emily Coleman


This a tear jar. I created it during college, at Tyler School of Art (Elkins Park), as part of a series of historical reproductions. Tear jars were used in Ancient Egypt, to collect the tears of the grieving, to then be placed in the tomb of their loved one. My tears have always brought me back to Philly, my birthplace and the only place I could ever truly call home. No matter where I have ever traveled or lived, my tears always brought me home. Tears of growing up and skinning my knees, tears of studying abroad and being homesick, tears for all the friends I’ve made and lost, tears of grief and sadness when losing loved ones, tears of joy for all I have shared with my husband-they all lead back to my beloved city. To the tears I have not yet shed, don’t worry, there are more jars where this one came from…