449 Mike Ford


I was born and raised here in the city of brotherly love. In 2013, I decided to cease my education in Biology to pursue my true calling as an actor and a musician. I also started working as a Segway tour guide here in Philly. As a tour guide, I would often take guests to “The Magic Gardens.” My daily excursions to Isaiah Zagar’s incredible gallery/school inspired me to create a mosaic series of my own, called “CDecoupage”! I recycle old CDs, DVDs, and games into mosaic sculpture and collage. I utilize the discs’ original colors, texts, and images to bring my aesthetic vision into fruition.

The usage of discs as my medium reflects a myriad of themes. The cutting of the discs symbolize the inner strength to let go of past events and/or losses that may prevent one from moving forward. My reinterpretation of them reflect the embracing of future ambitions. Our generation’s advances in science and technology have been achieved at an almost exponential rate. It is crucial for future generations to respect this time as humanity moves further into our limitless future. My craft is a bridge from the past to the future. Lastly, the recycling of the obsolete discs promotes global conservation.