430 Maisha Coleman


My name is Maisha Coleman and I was born right here in Philadelphia. I’m just a 17-year-old senior going into my last year of high school. I have attended The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School for the majority of my school career and that’s where I’ll be graduating from. Although I go to school online, my family recently moved to Yeadon, PA, which is right outside of southwest Philadelphia. There is where I began my track career for Penn Wood High School and met my best friend, Agnes Mansaray. Our friendship is something special because like this bracket my friend is from Sierra Leone. She came all the way here just two years ago in 2014. Coming to America as a Sierra Leone track star, she was a very quiet and humble person. Over those two years, still remaining humble, we have shared so much!

Like any friends we have our arguments where we would go, days or weeks where we would ignore or not talk to each other. Through those arguments I believe that’s where our friendship grew the most. We knew that we could be mad at each other and not want to say a word to each other, but she and I both always knew if we ever needed anything, we would be there for each other. Agnes has taught me so many things about her culture, about track and what means to have a true friend. In her short time of being my friend, we have created an everlasting friendship that will last forever and ever!

I love you Agnes!

With Lots of love, sincerely, your Best Friend Forever, Maisha Coleman