425 Linako Shimizu (submitted by Lena Iwasaki)


This is unique deck of cards was given to me by someone named Linako Shimizu. Each card is decorated with a written reason why I’m her best friend. In the fall of 2011, Linako had moved to Philadelphia all the way from Arizona. I first met her at a church event where my sister and I were playing a game of tag. This strange new girl had came up to us and asked if she can play. We were reluctant because no one could ever keep up with our game of intense tag. However, we were wrong because it was the best game of tag we’ve ever played. In all honesty, I don’t really remember my three years of life in Philly before Linako. I dedicate my Philadelphia story to this girl because she changed the way I view this city. What was once a dull and ghetto city became a place filled with the utmost laughter. I am so proud to live in Philadelphia because so many happy memories reside here.  I cannot be more proud and grateful to say that my Philadelphia story began with a game of a tag.