423 Norman Cain


When I was born my forbearers presented me

With the key to the avenue of the straight and

Narrow, where opportunity laid waiting. However,

I casted it to the wind. It landed on Bacchanals

Wide, Wide Boulevard. I cared less,


For to me, the key was nonessential to my chosen

Destiny at that time: tenure in the dens of inequality,

When I reveled hardily and drank abundantly—starting

At Sun-up to well after sun-down—from the vessels of



Which caused me to taste the bitterness of defeat, feel the

Painful clutches of despair squeeze lifelessness out of my

Ethereal core, leaving me in the vise of self-destruction.


Then I experienced a common sense epiphany, which led

Me to seek/retrieve the key that my forbearers

Had given to me. I unlocked the door to the straight and narrow



And I, consistently, with opportunity in tow, transverse it to

My genealogical tree, where I beseech and greet my ancestors

Legacy, rendering sincere “Thank You’s” and bowing before it

In humble reverence