421 Giovanna Baccini


As a member of a family of musicians, it’s a tradition to see live performances and to support the arts in our city. While living in Philadelphia, I have been exposed to so many beautiful theaters. Philadelphia has an incredible music scene that is home to the Pennsylvania Ballet, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and many more talented professional groups. This is a ticket from a production of the Nutcracker that was performed at the Academy of Music by the Pennsylvania Ballet in 2015. The Nutcracker has always been one of my personal favorite holiday performances since I was a child. Being able to see it performed with live dancers and a live orchestra was a wonderful experience. Each live production that I’ve seen here always inspires me and lingers as a beautiful memory. I’m looking forward to the next performance that I will get to experience here next. I hope that this ticket will serve as future inspiration for those who love to experience performing arts at its finest here in Philadelphia.