420 Christina P. Day


I chose this object because it reminds me of my husband, Timothy Day, who found this and gave this to me when we moved into the neighborhood of our first home in South Philadelphia.  We had a very tiny shelf that lined our kitchen on which I housed a growing collection of miniature objects on and over the course of the nine years we lived in this home, all kinds of tiny objects found their way onto this shelf, a perfectly sized context for their smallness.  Some were found, others were given as gifts.  I always was fond of this little boy’s listening head, ear forever to the ground smiling, a little gift of optimism.  I always loved the fact that Tim was paying enough attention to see this small thing on the ground and that he knew I would adore putting it on the mini shelf.  Paying attention the subtleties of our neighborhood and this city at large has been one of my favorite things about living in Philadelphia.