417 Linda Dyke


Years ago, when I was a part-time curator at Fonthill Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art staged a fantastic exhibit of Dutch Tiles, complete with lectures and a catalog. Since Fonthill contains a large collection of Dutch tiles, I attended all the events, and spoke with the curators. This experience changed my life. Seeing the wonderful meshing of art, history, design, & craftsmanship inspired me to return to school for a Master’s degree in Art History. I took my GREs with older son, Carl, and soon was attending Temple University, and spending time at Old City galleries and also discovering The Clay Studio. After graduation, I became a faculty adjunct at Temple’s Tyler School of Art, teaching the history of craft. I’m retired now, but still enjoy frequent trips to Philadelphia for all the cultural and gustatory pleasures it has to offer. I also still enjoy crafting my own ceramic pieces!