402 Diane and Claude


Our Philadelphia Story

Our ‘welcome photo’ represents a symbol of Philadelphia’s urban renewal. The story begins in 2005 with a move from our restored country mill home on a beautiful stream to a city condo in the air. Why would we leave? We never lived in a city.

Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. The opportunity to sell our vacation home for a high rise view in the city made financial sense, however, the life style change of the city was a total leap of faith. Knowing the city was quickly expanding it urban plan to bring art, medical science and business diversity to the forefront, we leaped.

We landed on our feet, 31 stories high. Work commuted can be measured in minutes. My husband’s national medical sales manager position is a fifteen minute taxi ride to Philadelphia International Airport. My medical information technology position at Penn is within walking distance.

Ten years have passed and we still look out at a city that has treated us with wonderful surprises. Its diversity of entertainment, restaurants, museums, sports and business never rest.

Welcome to Philadelphia!

Diane and Claude