399 Jennifer Mundy


My Grandfather’s wrist watch. My Grandfather was my babysitter and best friend for a long time. One of my favorite memories is the first plane ride, unfortunately I cannot even remember this event because I was so young but thankfully my family retells the story well. While on the plane, my Grandfather would lift me up so I could press the flight attendant button and watch it light up. While this was annoying to the staff and quite simplistic, I still smile every time I see that button. When he passed away, my family and I were left to clean out his house. While cleaning I stumbled upon his broken watch on his nightstand and was told to throw it away, that it was pointless to try to repair it. The watch for me was symbolic of how time no longer exist for my Grandfather, how time can run out for one person but continue for another. The watch also relates to my reaction to losing my best friend; it seemed as though I was broken and time stood still. Once I found the watch I knew I wanted to use it in an artwork but could never find the right place to put it. The boxes of the Philadelphia Airport is the new home for this peace. He was the first generation in my family to be born in Philadelphia, marking the start of my Philadelphia experience and many more generations to come.