380 Manuela Benaim


I have always been fascinated by preserved memories. Everyday I find myself capturing moments while trying to take advantage of all the possibilities of methods to do it. Through photograph, drawing, collecting, memorizing, I’m making sure those moments or ideas age within you. This is why I never hesitate to show my interest of freezing uniqueness times of my daily life, and did a collection of tiny peaks of organic matter, and framed them inside a resin cube.

The tiny peaks consisted mostly of flowers that grew inside my habitat, like some pine bushed, daisies, tiny versions of sunflowers, wild weed, and a very white type of leaf that grow like cabbage. Each texture and color changed when the resin took place, in this step we watched many of the flowers changing their pail colors into fluorescent green, tossing toxins through bubbles and green values that rarely show up in nature. I called them creepy and sad figures. But something different and more beautiful happened in the transformation of the matter that was not as delicate as flowers, like some types of leafs and pine bushes. This process took more time to be evident. It was so slow and beautiful that my friend Dahlia and I had the time to appreciate and contemplate the matter inside, perfectly preserved for an entire winter vacation. We celebrated our success, those colors of life and freshness were exactly what we wanted. Naturally, by the end of the month, not even those exceptional bright colors could resist resin, and whatever thing that was once green was now turning brown.

Last week I contemplate their green shades turning wood brown. I had the same feeling in Paris, one day between November, when I realized that all the colors around me were showing me it was fall. That day, in many ways, inspired me to do things with nature while it is fresh, aware of its futures changes. Accepting their reaction in each steps of aging, admiring their acquired flaws. Experiencing something changing into something else while recording each stage of their time lapse is the best way of preserving an object of any time. Sometimes I end up thinking thanks to theses changes, that there isn’t a better recorder than out eyes and mind working together.