376 Justin Lee


Though the immigrant life has been tough there were some great days that makes me smile.

I came to Philly on 1990. My first son was born two years later and I have the second son four years after that. But my life was too busy at school and at work so I missed most of the meaningful time with my children. I was always out to work early and came back home late so that was a certain thing that I couldn’t get along with my family. One day my friend suggested me that the camp with family will be a great experience and fun family gathering. I was so excited to buy a tent, all camping equipments and made lots of plans. Researching the near camp area and image happy time with my family. Yes, it was hard to motivate my full grown up kids to hang out with their old parents but we tried to spend meaningful days with them cooking food together and staying up late talking together. We were just so happy to spend time together with two sons. First time it was not that easy to start to commune with them but we’ve felt that the gap between us was getting closer. After the camp we’ve spent more time together often. I always felt something was missing in between us but now I feel like we are the family. This picture was taken on our Atlantic city trip on 2013. It has taken ten years to be all together, four of us all together again. It was so meaningful time to have a street food together and sharing time together. I thought working hard for family was the way to be a good father but I finally realize that I’ve missed very important thing. After the family gathering trip on summer 2013 I’ve learned a lot how to be a good father and spend time with my family.