368 Jeremy Johnson (submitted by Jayden)


This is a story of my good friend Jeremey. He always been there for me. He always listens no matter what it is. Fun fact about Jeremey , he is a keeper, he has protected me, he has fixed me, he is my body guard. Jeremey will be there for me. The first time I met Jeremey was a basket ball game in Philadelphia. He was my teammate we won a lot of games. We were 30-0. Since then, we never lost a game because we worked as a team. Also, Jeremey and I and our team went to Florida, Miami, Jersey, New York and West Virginia. We’ve travelled to over thirty states together. What I will remember about Jeremy is that I he is my best friend, and I will remember him always being there for me. We had good memories together.

Your best friend,

Jayden Lightbourne