367 Crystal Roane


Speech for Dallas Texas Conference

I recently went to the 29th National Head Start Association Conference in Dallas. The adventure started by drawing a slip of paper with my name from a bowl. I was scared to fly on a plane. I was thinking, give me a pill before I get in the air. It didn’t happen like that. I was able to get over my nerves without pills to get on the plane. Despite the bumpy ride and fear, I thought about how my father and my grandmother were up there with me in the sky so I would be okay on this journey.

When I got off the plane, I couldn’t imagine where I was. The trip started in St. Louis as a layover. I kept thinking how I had once thought that I would never get onto a plane, but yet had just stepped off this bird from the sky. I was still scared to travel to Dallas and went back to the thoughts about being scared, but I pushed through my fear again and felt like I had those angels with me all the way.

When I landed, I was crying inside because I always wanted to visit Dallas, Texas. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and can’t even describe how much I love them. when I checked into the Gaylord hotel, I discovered that, who else, but the Dallas Cowboys were staying at the same hotel. I was so taken aback at this news and was ready to throw on my jersey so they would know how big of a fan I was. Again, I didn’t think that I would ever meet a Dallas Cowboy, just like I didn’t think I would fly, but I was wrong again. Around 7 PM, we went into our rooms and headed on our Dallas Cowboy hunt. There was a post-it that shook my heart stating that the Dallas Cowboys would be at the hotel. I gathered my fifty dollars for entry, two jerseys, and pictures of the team members to meet and greet Lawrence Vicers and Overtree. I waited with my friends, who had doubts that I would be able to recognize the team members, but I assured them that I would find them. They were dressed just like us when they finally arrived. My girlfriends took pictures to save the experience. I was so star-struck!

After flying and meeting the Cowboys, it was time to get to work. I was ready to meet people from all over the country in different workshops. The people I met in the workshops became great connections and even friends. One of the workshops that sticks out was called Build a Block for the Healthy Future. This workshop was about teaching children to eat healthy, play, learn safety tips, and build friendships. I also liked the workshop about parenting with less stress because we all know parenting is stressful. It encouraged parents to be strong, task oriented, focused on schooling, and ways that they can positively influence their children. It stressed the strengths that we all bring to the table as parents. I went to a two part session about a government program in developing policies. It helped me see how I could really make a difference helping the community. I see this entire experience as a first start on this goal of helping others.

I’d like to thank all of the members on the Policy Counsel for being able to go on this adventure. It truly was an honor an adventure, especially for Crystal Roane. I learned never to say never, and that all things are possible as long as you have an open mind.