361 Mandy McGarrigle


As I’m looking around the house for something to find, I notice this small, silver, rusted locket with a Barbie logo on it. I have never seen this tiny object before, so I go to investigate it. It seems to have once been apart of a necklace, but now just has no chain left alone with an old tarnished Barbie locket. I open it up to find two pictures inside. The petite pictures are just barley hanging onto the inside with old tape. The picture on the left is myself, and the other picture on the right is my dad. This stands out especially to me because it reminds me of how my dad and I got close his year. He would drive me into school (Moore College of Art and Design) each day.  As we take I-95 straight into Philadelphia getting off at Ben Franklin parkway exit to arrive at Moore. The whole ride in, we would listen to talk show radio every morning because that was his thing. Just sitting there and listening to the men ramble on. Even if it was just sitting in silence the whole ride into school, I still appreciate those moments we shared together & bond we developed over just driving me into the city each morning. Taking the same roads, at the same time each morning, listening to the same talk show, sitting in the same seats. Just from this half hour-to-hour ride (depending of traffic) each morning, that bond became the city for us.