344 Martinez, Rosales and Osta’s Family


I’m a member of Martinez, Rosales and Osta’s family. I grow up with my grandparents since I born. We are from Venezuela a South America country. Our family always was a strong and together group, but more than thirty years ago our family members started to separate to “discover” new places around the world and live better. Thirty years ago in Venezuela were a total of seventy or more family members living there, but with the passing of the years into 2015, the total of our family members in Venezuela decreased into only ten members. They all moved for a better life and to increase the family more and more, including me. I moved for the first time to USA at the age of thirteen because of many reasons, especially because of the Venezuela situation. I was very sad when my mom told me all the family history, and I couldn’t understand why many of our family members moved around the world and left their original country, leaving behind many good and bad memories, leaving behind wonderful friends and families? But at thirtheen years old I finally understand that our family didn’t leave anything in Venezuela, they brought with them the most beautiful memories from Venezuela, as I have, and I’m very sure that all that family members that are around the world never will forget who they are and where they are from. They never will forget their original culture. Now I know that to live in the same place or country doesn’t mean a “Together family”, a together family means love, and always remembering your family.

Now, here I am in 2016 in Philadelphia, USA, and I am honestly very nervous about adjusting here, but having my family together in my mind, I will be great here. I already have met great friends in Philly. I will make a great days with my new “family” in Philly.