342 Alessa Barbier


My Philadelphia story has everything to do with this disc. For as long as I can remember, Final Fantasy was a part of my life as well as video games were. When I was little, I grew up playing the first Final Fantasy made on my Papi’s old NES system. I never realized what an impact it would have on my life even today. From then on, Final Fantasy has been a huge part of my life as well as my career path. I played every game made since, for every system I could get my hands on. I watched every movie & learned everything about every character. Final Fantasy brought me here to Philly as well. I loved it so much, the art style, the storyline, the game play, that I decided to begin my life here as a Game Art major at University of the Arts. It was these characteristics that got me through bullying, family fighting, every hardship in in my life. It also created the greatest bonds & friendship. When I got to Philly, the first thing I did was hook up my xbox & play my favorite Final Fantasy game. When my boyfriend came to visit me, he brought with him one of the best Final Fantasy movies. This is the Director’s Cut CD of that movie & how it was made. This best represents what I plan to do with my life & my art as a career that will affect me forever. I cannot thank the people who made this game/movie enough for everything they’ve created in my life & gotten me through.