340 Bria Scott


In this space, the naked eye will see a typical camera lens case and camera film. In this little section contains the memories of my first exploration of my hometown, Philadelphia in its glory. I never developed these photos like I wanted to in the past; However, the longer I kept these photos undeveloped the more value its sought to obtain. The photos which I’ve shot on a Nikon N2020 with 35-70 f lens was from six years ago of spring 2010 around the time I began expanding my interests in photography. I traveled to places in the Philadelphia area, touring my city for the first time alongside my aunt Amanda, a photojournalist and teacher who passed on the Nikon film camera to me as soon as I expressed my attachment capturing still-life images. This camera was limited to only twenty-four images of my visit to Reading Terminal and Love Park. These memories represent an abundance of joy, and adventure of when I discovered my dream career as an international photographer born and raised in Philadelphia.