330 Loulia Bitar


Four years ago, a sophomore in high school, I encountered a rather big transition in my life as I moved to the United States. As I arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport, I heard a loud growl coming from my stomach. I tried with passion to ignore it as I was scurrying my way through the airport to find baggage claim. I knew I should not grab a meal since I had promised my family that I would have lunch with them later on in the day. I needed a quick snack, something that would not fill me up but temporarily suppress my hunger. Luckily for me, I found the Philly Pretzel Factory on my way. Little did I know, their pretzels would be the ultimate lasting impression I had of my new home. To this day, they give me the homely feeling that I could never replace. Every day, in between my classes, I settle for a quick pretzel from them to keep me going throughout my day. They truly have become what I look forward to throughout the school week.