325 Robert Reinhardt


Memories of Philadelphia.

Little things we carry with us in our pockets, big things we carry with us in our hearts.

I’ve always been a collector and for me that old fragment from an old house I lived in, a good luck charm your Dad carried around and then passed on to you always had deep meaning for me. They are your past and you carry them into your future.

I arrived in Philadelphia in 1972, and though I have wandered away for short periods, I have always returned and now I call this town home. The city has helped define me and I would like to think I have helped define it.

The diverse collection of trinkets I have contributed to this installation represents my time in Philadelphia. When I look at each little fragment my past comes alive again. The concept of sharing these memories with others pleases me in some odd way. One doesn’t need to know what every piece represents, that’s not the point. The fact that it documents my personal time in Philadelphia is what this collection will offer the viewer. Enjoy!