315 Dr. Cora M Turpin’s Family


Our eternal gratitude to those who served, are serving and will serve. Philadelphians pay tribute to their Vietnam War heroes at the Vietnam Memorial at the Penn’s Landing site, but our service history began when this nation was established. We served then and in every conflict since. Without Philadelphians there would be no U.S.A.

My own family has served in most conflicts:

The Puckums of Maryland in the American Indians War;

Benjamin Handy (great grand father) in the Civil War;

Colonel John W. Handy (uncle) in World War II;

Sgt. Joseph Parham (brother-in-law) in Korea;

Major Bennie L. Coleman (former husband) in the Vietnam War;

Sgt. Rolison W. Turpin (nephew) in Afghanistan.


Thank you is never enough