283 Anne Cook & Russ Troyer


We live in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia.

Our house was built in 1889.  The plasterer signed a wall in a fine script just inside the vestibule door – “Reid E Oct 1889.”  Anne bought the house in 1979, and Russ moved in in 1986.  Our children, Robert and Jillian, arrived in 1989, one hundred years to the month after the house was completed.  The renovation of our house is our hobby.  The projects, both minor and major, have continued over the years.  And it’s still not done.  That’s why it’s a hobby.  In the process we found many objects which we put aside in our “artifacts” box – a “cut” nail, and a note found behind a mantel to a former resident.

If either of our children decide to stay in Philly, we may just pass the family hobby on to them!