277 Sharon Sabra


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I’ve had many spiritual encounters in PHILADELPHIA from childhood to adulthood, even though I live in South Jersey.  The following is one connected to PHILADELPHIA, plus the birth of my daughter.

My daughter was born in PHILADELPHIA’s Pennsylvania Hospital.  We both almost died, both sustained permanent injuries from the birth and both Love and Help each other more than words can possibly express.  She’s the person I Love the most in this life, the nicest person I know, my favorite person, my greatest duty and is helping me, in more ways than one, with my attempts to surrender more to our Mysterious God.

As a child, I was taken (astral body while sleeping) by a “loving man” somewhere each week on a schedule.  In my 20’s, I was led (“called” really) by a series of mystical experiences to a place called The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship in PHILADELPHIA.  I walked into a room there and fell down crying in astonishment because I completely recognized it as the place I was repeatedly taken as a child by the “loving man” every week.  I asked what the room was used for and the guide said, “It’s called The Children’s Room and it’s where Bawa taught the children.”  Then I saw a picture of him and it was the same man that came to me the night before in visions that lasted all night.  I was awake with him all night in ecstasy and many things transpired.  Bawa ignited a Flame in my Heart and continues to teach me from another dimension to this day.  Bawa had physically died by the time I physically visited The Fellowship, but it makes no difference; he’s a powerful Saint, Mystic, Teacher, devoted to his spiritual evolution and duties and very attentive to his spiritual children.