275 Ahrong Kim


My greatest source of inspiration for my art stems from my beloved grandmother who was the personal seamstress for the vice-president of Korea. Growing up beside her, I watched as she would gracefully transform fabrics of every texture and color into elegant garments, equipped only with her hands and a sewing machine.

Inspired by those memories, the use of textures and colors grew to be an essential part of my work. As a ceramic artist, I often express my influence in the form of layered slabs that are detailed with stitching and vibrant colors. It is reminiscent of traditional Korean patchwork, woven together from various fabrics. My experience at graduate school helped me rediscover my original source of inspiration and reminded me how essential it is to my work. I moved to Philadelphia after graduating to build my art career, working as an artist at a residency program. Everyday I use the memories of my grandmother to make my work different and unique.