269 Thomas Crymes


Following your passions can be a scary adventure at times. After struggling through college out in the country I decided to regroup and take a chance on something I felt that I really wanted to pursue. I moved to Philadelphia to attend art school at the University of the Arts and discovered more about myself there than I thought possible. Philadelphia became my home and the place where my love for art and teaching really blossomed. This is the perfect city for me; it has everything I could ever possibly need in the art world. I immersed myself in the culture and the museums, took in the history and explored every neighborhood I could, followed my passion to apprenticeships and teaching positions. By moving here and taking a chance, I opened up a new world of opportunities for myself I never could have imagined. This medallion is the symbol that truly captures my hard work and determination that this city has instilled me with, the culmination of years of struggling, learning and growth.