268 Shawn Daggett


Dear Matt & Won,

My name is Shawn Daggett from the Frankford section of Philadelphia. In mid-July of 2015 I suffered a severe head trauma. My skull was shattered on the right side and fractured on the left. The right side I had pieces of skull in my brain and massive bleeding on the left in the vein off my carotid artery. Luckily I was found and made it to Temple hospital just in time to stop the bleeding and save my life. The left side of my skull was saved and pinned together while the skull on the right side was removed from my brain and cleaned out. This is a piece of the helmet I had to wear for almost a year while my brain healed and cleaned itself enough to have a titanium plate implant on my right side. On it I wrote a thank you to Dr. Weaver and Dr. Villanueva and the rest of the neurological and neurosurgery staff at Temple hospital. I truly do owe these great men and women as well as God my life. I hope this was alright and I am picked. I would really love to be in your work and have my story read. I’m so lucky to live in the great city of Philadelphia. We have such great schools, hospitals and doctors. We also have great people like the average Joe who is just ready and willing to help a person in need. I never found the person who found me and dialed 911; they are a hero to me and I will always be grateful and return the kindness to others.