266 Mary Ellen Sokalski


266Growing up in a tiny South Philadelphia row home with big dreams to do great things, I was always the kid who did things differently, stood out, knew how to get attention, made friends easily, and had people laughing (figures that I spend my career in marketing and speaking, now owning my own ad agency). At a business conference one year, a playful-like-me business associate and I were playing some carnival games at a fundraiser event and we tried to win a prize. Finally, after an hour and a ton of money spent, both of us won these ridiculous PLASTIC CHICKEN key chains. We laughed so hard that we cried. We talked about how fitting it was for both of us, and felt it truly came with a message that we should always find the humor in life, no matter what comes our way. In the years that followed, both of us faced some very tough times. The ability to laugh and smile through it all got US through, and those around us. So, we both proudly carried our outlandish chickens daily and grin.  And it ALWAYS gets attention and starts a great conversation with a smile!  (Besides, you can always find it, even in the most crowded Mary Poppins handbag, like I carry all the time!)