265 Robert Pahlka


The cowboy bandanna (please place next to the yellow glove)

In honor of Robert Pahlka, Montana cowboy who fell for the Philly sophisticate

Now why would a cowboy bandanna be placed into a Philadelphia memento box? Because in the early 1940’s a young shy cowboy named Bob from Montana, who enlisted in the US Navy and was then stationed in Baltimore, surprise-visited his navy brother serving in Philadelphia. His brother had a date that night and said he would be glad to set his brother up with a friend. That friend was Mary, the yellow-gloved Philly-native city-girl sophisticate.  She did NOT want to meet any sailors, but did her best friend a favor. They took the trolley to the Franklin Institute, stopped at Horn & Hardart’s Automat for some pie, and then boarded the trolley home. Bob liked Mary so much, he overcame his farm boy shyness and kissed her on the forehead, asking her to see him again. His brother was sent overseas, and almost two years later, when he returned, the cowboy and the sophisticate were already married and had a baby! They also married, and best friends became sisters-in-law. Bob and Mary were happily married 51 years in their cozy South Philadelphia row home full of love and many wild west adventure stories. Yee-haw!