260 Ceira Landon


Have you ever traveled and always thought there’s no place like home? I’ve been to so many places around the world and enjoyed it, but there is no place like Philadelphia. Waking up from hearing cars beeping their horns and birds chirping and people talking so loud that I can hear through the back-room where I sleep. My dad would wake my brothers and me up at four in the morning; he would never oversleep because he would hear the train rubbing against tracks. It would be fifteen of us rushing to the car to get to the airport.  Leaving Philadelphia always as scary to me, but coming back on the airplane always felt complete. I loved traveling on the airplane; when we take off I can see all the parts of Philly I’d never seen before. I came to the conclusion that I feel so complete coming home because it’s all I know. It’s where I grew up. Philly is a part of me and my family. It plays a part of who we are today.