256 Imani Jarmon


Growing up in high school I always had a problem with my shoelaces being untied and I always fell and people use to laugh at me. I always was quiet and did everything I was suppose to do in Philadelphia, but it’s like my shoelaces always made me feel very insecure and it was an issue I had within myself to tie my shoelaces very tight to hold it together and have them in order. That’s how I took my life and my studies. I wanted everything to be done nice and neat as my sneakers. My mother always told me you will always fall, but it’s your choice to get back up again to do what you have to do. In Philadelphia, I remind myself of the problem I had with my shoelaces for sort of a reminder of how far I came alone, and how others in Philadelphia came along as well. I wrap my shoelaces into a form of a necklace; it’s maybe a little weird but it’s what helped me get passed a lot of negativity in my past.