253 Gail Corbett


From a New York-bound train, leaving Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.

So many greens, liberally punctuated by hot pink graffiti! So welcome after a cold, dispiriting spring, still in progress at the end of April.

I knew right away that I wanted to turn the view into a “thread picture.” I had some linen and lots of green embroidery floss, and I knew how I wanted the picture to look by the time I got back from NYC.

The picture materialized, so to speak, at the home of the Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers. Founded in 1952, PGHW was for many years an organization devoted to weavers, along with many spinners and dyers. In 1992 the owner of another Philadelphia institution—Wilde Yarns—gave PGHW its home, a small building located on Main Street in Manayunk, near the turnoff from Henry Avenue.

And what a gift it has been, put to good use for workshops, classes, meetings…. In the last few years, the Guild took a really wonderful step, expanding its range to any fiber-related activity. Included, along with weaving, spinning, and dyeing, in no particular order, are felting, knitting, basket-making, crocheting, stitching, sewing, surface design, beading . . .

A recent PGHW activity has been “Portable Fibers,” regular Tuesday-morning gatherings of people who do any of these things. It was mainly at a few of those inspiring sessions that I stitched this piece.