251 Hope Rovelto


Chairs have been part of my artwork since 1996. My body of work has used chairs as the metaphor for people since grad school in 2005. I spend a lot of time traveling and working to figure out where and what I want to do as an artist. The first time visited Philadelphia, I fell in love. I moved to Philadelphia ten years ago. Coming to Philly, I had a lot of firsts. I first had a job that included health insurance and retirement. I had an opportunity to create an exhibition of my ceramic chairs from an idea that I have been working on since 2005. I moved into a fantastic studio/live situation. I had my first hit-and-run with a car that left me in the hospital for a month, and I had to learn how to walk. Now I am running. I fell in love with the woman who became my wife, and then went through a divorce. I bought my very first house, and I sold my very house. I started my own business. I am ready for more firsts.