250 Emily Conroy Dorn


“This “bird’s nest” is made by crocheting and weaving copper wire with freshwater pearl “eggs” threaded into the center. Inspired by the idea that birds use discarded materials to create lasting homes for their families, many of which are used over and over for generations, I started making these nests from the knotted tangles leftover from my earliest experiments in wire crochet.

It’s very satisfying to transform a tangled mess into a meaningful gift. Customers often choose particular numbers of “eggs” in their piece to represent children, grandchildren, married couples, siblings or even lost pregnancies. They give them to commemorate motherhood, sisterhood pregnancy, adoption or marriage. And of course, bird lovers appreciate them too.

Best of all, the nests let me feel free to try new ideas without fear of wasting metal, because my mistakes can always be recycled into a nest. Ironically, the nests have become far more popular with my jewelry customers than other designs that are much more difficult to get right.

My silver, gold or copper nests are available as necklaces, earrings, cuff links, rings or pins. More information is available at preciousmeshes.com.