234 Koji Hagihara


~Rocky boxing glove~

Philadelphia – the source of my soul and energy.

I visit Philadelphia periodically to recharge my ​energy by following a half-day routine of strolling and exploring the city.

First, I enjoy real Philly Cheese Steaks, then I visit the “Liberty Bell.”

I then stop by Chinatown on the way to the “Rocky Steps.”

Rocky Steps is very special place for me…

I first touch and salute the statue of Rocky and then run up the museum stairs while thinking about my favorite scene of the movie.

At the top, I take in the views of the entire city and breathe in deeply. I instantly feel my energy coming back to me.  This routine clears and resets my mind, allowing me to go back to my busy life in New York.

It feels like Philadelphia absorbs all of my stresses and troubles from back in New York, giving me back my soul and energy that I need to survive.

I LOVE Philadelphia.