233 Rowan Machalow and Tyler Colvard


When we met and fell in love five years ago, we knew two things: we wanted to have children and we wanted to teach. We decided to combine both by starting a home-based preschool, and spent a frustrating year trying to find an apartment big enough in NYC. Realizing that it wasn’t possible, we moved to West Philly, and cannot begin to express our delight in the community, beautiful home, and wonderful families whose children come to learn and play with us each day at the Little Green School House. After three years of running our small business with twenty awesome students and four fantastic teachers, we’ve realized that it isn’t financially sustainable and we’re merging in with another preschool. It’s a bittersweet time. We’re hoping that Tyler will teach and Rowan will volunteer at the preschool where most of our students, including our son, are going next year. Rowan will have time to work on their doctorate in education at Penn, and we’ll have a lot more time to be a family. At the same time, we’ll miss all of our students and having a house full of happy children. This yellow hexagon pattern block represents the time and energy that we’ve put into exploring the world with these wonderful children over the past year. We wish them well!