232 Amanda McKnight


As a city-dweller, I mostly get around by walking and taking the subway. Journeying to class, running errands, and simply meandering around Philadelphia would not be complete for me without a pair of Apple earbuds. These non-descript white, plastic wonders fit perfectly in my ear, sending music, knowledge, and laughter into my commute. As I sit on the underground platform waiting for the subway, staring at the crumbling paint and rivers of questionable water, my mind is engaged in podcasts, learning about topics I would never have thought to explore on my own, but that are captivatingly and enchantingly presented. As I shop for groceries, I laugh along to an in-depth and hilarious analysis of a show I loved as a kid that went off the air years ago. As I walk down the streets of Center City, enchanted by the glittering, towering buildings, I enjoy a soundtrack of my favorite songs. My earbuds are my constant companion, my friend in this Philadelphia Story.