231 Nicole Henry


Our Philadelphia Story started in 2007. One of our favorite chapters of our story so far is an early one.

My husband and I left our hometown and steady jobs for a new start. He started pharmacy school and I went to work. Some new friends invited us for a bar trivia night and it turned into a fairly regular team for a while. These guys are all incredibly smart and great at trivia. Duane, Ben, Joe, and Craig kept it going with help from me and my own odd brand of smart that came in handy at the weirdest times. If they could make it, other friends of theirs would join us and add to the fun. Our winnings would often end up covering most of our tab.

They told us about a night before we came along. Duane called out “Vasco da Gama” before the question was asked, and that ended up being the answer. That led to the legend of the “Vasco da Gama moment,” – nothing to do with the explorer, other than he happened to be the answer. Eventually, we started trying for our own piece of this legend. At the beginning of the game we would all submit an answer we thought would come up that night with the agreement that we would celebrate with a round bought by the person that guessed the answer ahead of time.

The legend was true! I couldn’t believe it. It was one of the weirdest of my “weirdest moments.” I’m sorry the next round ended up costing most of our prize money, but I’m glad you guys were with us to celebrate this crazy victory of our own invention. It was all such a great time. We had a blast and would love to do it again. I submit this evidence of our historical moment, (yes, a torn corner from a bar napkin) with a toast:

To you, my fine gentlemen. To Grand Master Flash. And, especially, “To subsidized drinking!”