220 C. Cottrill


The Philadelphia Dumpster Divers has been a part of my life since 1999. The social society of talented artists, working in found objects, led me to an enriched life of diving into the stories behind the trash, and making wonderful creations from the cast off of others. Together with the Divers, I started the Please Take Materials Exchange – a place for artists and educators to trade in unwanted materials for objects and supplies they can use in their art. I thank the Divers for an enriched perspective which continues to feed me.

The plastic “C” necklace was awarded to me at one of our Dumpster Diver Award Banquests at Famous Deli. As I recollect, the “C” award was presented by Uncle Neil Benson for “service to the Diver family and Cdavid.”

As I said, I am honored to have these talented Artists in my life.